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Ato Howard


“ Meeting people at QCC and being involved on campus were crucial to my success! ”

Why did you choose QCC?

It was close to home and the cost was well worth it. It also offered the major I was interested in.  (Engineering: Biomedical Engineering)

What is the best thing about QCC?

At QCC, everybody is accessible; you don’t have to book an appointment to see professors – you can just walk into their offices, tell them your problem and they gladly help you out. With friends, you have people you can count on and bounce things off of. TRIO gave me the additional support I needed as well as opportunities I never would have known existed!

Anything else you’d care to share about attending QCC?

There’s something for everyone – an organization or affiliation for everyone who attends. Personally, I’m very glad I joined the TRIO Student Services Program and I thank my good friend for introducing me to it and the staff members. It’s been really helpful to have the support system with understanding people to talk to. I was just accepted for an M.I.T. research program that I would never have known about if I wasn’t involved in QCC’s TRIO Student Services Program.