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Career and Academic Planning Services

QCC is committed to helping students begin their career and academic planning early on by:

  • Identifying career field(s) that are best suited to their interests, abilities, and life goals;
  • Deciding on a college program of study;
  • Choosing the right courses;
  • Taking the next steps towards obtaining meaningful employment, transferring to another college, or fulfilling a personal or professional outcome; and
  • Building an individualized academic plan.

Specific Services and Courses for Career and Academic Planning:


Students are strongly encouraged to take one of the two courses offered at QCC to assist with career and academic planning: ORT or 110, Strategies for College and Career, PSY 115, Self-Assessment and Career Planning. All students enrolled in the General Studies Program are required to take ORT 110 or PSY 115 prior to attaining 20 credits.  All students in the courses listed above complete an individualized web-based Career and Academic Plan that is used to help the student develop and implement career and academic goals.

Career Planning/Workshops

Throughout the semester, Major Decisions workshops are offered for current students who are considering changing their major and individuals who are considering enrolling at the college. Topics addressed include:  understanding career assessment results, developing strategies and resources for career research, and linking assessment results and research to QCC Degree and Certificate Programs.
(Contact Advising Center—Room 61A for workshop times and locations)

Advising Services: Faculty Advisor and Advising Center

Advisors assist students in developing and implementing their career and academic planning goals including registering for courses. Students are provided their Academic Advisor's contact information by Qmail shortly after the start of each semester and again right before the advising period begins for the following semester. Students are assigned a Faculty Advisor or the Advising Center as their Advisor. Advisor Lists, including faculty office location, e-mail address, phone number, and office hours are located in the Advising Center (Room 61A) and the Registrar’s Office (Room 152A). This same information is also available on The Q (student/faculty portal).

Faculty Advisors

Students are encouraged to contact their Faculty Advisor during the semester to discuss topics and questions related to career and academic planning. It is recommended that students make appointments with their Advisor before the course registration period begins for the next semester. Faculty Office Hours and contact information are posted outside faculty office door. If a student’s schedule conflicts with faculty office hours, the student can contact the faculty to arrange another meeting time.

Advising Center (Career and Academic Planning) (61A)

Students who have the Advising Center listed as their Advisor are encouraged to contact the Center during the semester to discuss topics and questions related to career and academic planning.
Room 61A. Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 am–7:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am–5:00 pm. To make an appointment, go to or call 508.854.4308.

Student Employment and Transfer Center (includes Career Placement Services and Transfer Center) (272a)

Career Placement Services

Career Placement Services provides up-to-date, pertinent information to students seeking employment. Individual appointments, as well as workshops are held throughout the Fall and Spring semesters to assist students with job search, resume writing, interviewing skills and job sourcing strategies. Students seeking full-time, part-time, co-op, permanent or temporary positions have access to a variety of current open positions posted on QCC's exclusive on line job board.  Career Placement Services is located in Room 272A. For a complete list of services visit The Q.

Cooperative Education is the opportunity to earn academic credit while gaining valuable experience in the work place. This study option is for students enrolled in programs that require CO-OP and who are already working in their field of study, or who can secure a position related to their field of study. CO-OP students, with assistance from an instructor, develop working/ learning goals and outcomes that can be assessed for credit toward their degree. Students seeking credit through this study option pay full registration and tuition fees and meet eligibility requirements. Application for CO-OP can be made in Room 272A. Visit The Q for more information.

Walt Disney World (WDW) College Program. Eligible students are encouraged to consider the WDW College Program. If accepted, students spend an academic semester working at one of the WDW Resorts in Florida. This program, specifically designed for college students, enables participants to work, live, and learn at Disney. Students earn credit through Cooperative Education (CO-OP) and may opt for additional credit through Prior Learning Credit. To be eligible, students must attend a mandatory WDW Presentation, held twice a year on the QCC campus. In addition, students must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program, have earned at least 24 college level course credits, and have a GPA of at least 2.0. To learn more about the Disney program, come to Room 272A.

Service Learning integrates meaningful community volunteer service with classroom instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Service Learning is available in a variety of QCC courses. For more information contact Career Placement Services at 508.854.4439.

Prior Learning Credit

Challenge Examinations enable students to earn credit for courses listed in the Quinsigamond Catalog by taking a test developed and administered by a Quinsigamond faculty member. Generally, a student may not apply for a Challenge Examination when other proficiency examinations (CLEP, DANTES) are available, or to raise a low grade or to earn credit for a failed course. Students are expected to pay current fees. For more information contact Career Placement Services.

Credentialing is the process of awarding academic credit for courses, trainings, workshops, and/or examinations taken outside accredited college institutions. Course credit is based on establishing an equivalency between the non-collegiate course and a QCC course. Examples of trainings that may be appropriate for credentialing include: computer certification courses, military education, EMT and Massachusetts Firefighting Academy classes. After the credit review, a QCC course number and title are noted on the transcript along with the number of credits and the grade of “P”.
Program restrictions apply. Students are expected to pay current fees.

Portfolio Assessment is the process of earning credit for students who can document their skills and competencies attained through non- collegiate training and/or life experience. The documentation is reviewed and evaluated by a Quinsigamond faculty member who measurs demonstrated learning outcomes against established academic standards. Students are expected to pay current fees and program restrictions may apply. For more information contact Career Placement Services.

QCC Sponsored Learning: Directed Study, Independent Study

Directed Study is an opportunity for individualized learning about topics not offered as established Quinsigamond courses. The nature and scope of the learning experience is determined  by an instructor  hired to work with the student. Together the instructor and student draft a Learning Agreement, which forms the basis of the learning experience. For more information contact Career Placement Services.

Independent Study enables students nearing graduation to enroll in a course listed in the Quinsigamond Catalog on an individualized basis. This option is not available if the course is scheduled during the requested semester. To be eligible for Independent Study, students must be enrolled in the academic program requiring the course, and they are required to meet strict eligibility guidelines. For more information contact Career Placement Services.

Transfer Services

Voice: 508.854.4404
Email: transfer [at]
QCC website:

The Q / Student Portal

Transfer Services provides a variety of resources to assist students who are planning to continue studies at a four-year college or university.

  • WITS—Walk-In Transfer Sessions, held each semester. Students can drop-in to get quick answers to transfer questions or stay for longer to learn how to develop a transfer plan. Attendance at WITS is the recommended first step for students seeking transfer information.
  • Transfer Fairs, held each Fall and Spring semester. Over 30 colleges and universities attend to provide transfer admissions information and advice to QCC students. Students can discover interesting colleges and majors, learn about admissions requirements, and find out how credits will transfer.
  • Transfer Visits, held throughout the academic year. Local and regional colleges visit QCC each semester to meet with students and provide important transfer information.
  • Classroom Presentations, held in Fall and Spring semesters. Class instructors invite QCC Transfer Services representatives to meet with their classes to present transfer resources and introduce transfer planning.
  • Transfer Advising. Individual appointments are available throughout the semester. Students can book appointments online at the Transfer Services webpages above—QCC website or The Q/Portal.
  • Transfer Services office (Room 272A) has a variety of print materials available to help students learn more and get answers to common transfer questions. Examples include:
  1. MassTransfer Information
  2. Transfer Common Application FAQs
  3. Questions to Ask Four-Year College Transfer Admissions Representatives
  4. NEBHE Tuition Break Information
  5. QCC Articulation and MassTransfer Agreements
  6. College-specific Materials
  7. Transferring from QCC to Worcester State University
  8. Transfer Guides and Magazines