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Posting a position

QCC invites employers to post a job, co-op, or internship directly on its job search database, Purple Briefcase. With over 70 degree and certificate programs, we have skilled students to meet  your workforce needs.

Benefits to employers

  • There is no charge to post a position
  • Getting a position posted online is quick and easy
  • Greater accuracy -- you directly control the information that is listed
  • Less paperwork
  • Larger candidate pools
  • Immediate updates
  • Secure transmission of resumes and cover letters

Opening an account

Opening an account is quick, easy, and free. Purple Briefcase

We always encourage you to contact QCC's career placement representatives to discuss strategies for attracting appropriate candidates for open positions, including on-campus recruiting or participating in one of our career fairs.

For more information on how QCC can help you with your employment needs contact us at 508.854.4439 or e-mail careerservices [at]

Career Services will NOT post a position nor host On-Campus Recruiting if:

  • The employment opportunity involves on-campus solicitation, sales, or posting materials, products, or services
  • The student must pay a fee to participate in a work experience or pay any type of fee for training, or required to purchase/rent any type of sales kit or presentation supplies
  • Entrepreneurial announcements or commission only positions will not be posted.
  • CPS does not provide recruitment/posting services to businesses in a home office setting.  Businesses must be established and licensed and located in commercial space.
  • The college does not permit recruitment for positions which involve door to door solicitation.
  • Third Party Agencies must disclose the name of the company and positions it is recruiting for.  The agency must also meet certain requirements, contact the office for details.

Employers wishing to post positions and recruit QCC students and/or alumni must certify that they represent an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.