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MACC Student FAQs

Massachusetts Community College Vaccine Requirement - Student FAQ

Do I have to be vaccinated to take classes?

If you register for courses with any on-campus component or if you plan on coming to campus – including to access the library, computer lab, athletic facilities, or other in-person student services – you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and submit written proof of an official record of full vaccination status. Any student who is not fully vaccinated will not be allowed on campus.

If you do not expect to be on campus for any reason, you are not required to be fully vaccinated or to provide written proof of an official record of full vaccination status unless it is required by your program or activity (ex. athletics, healthcare program, clinical placement).

If, after the start of the semester, you would like to come to campus to access college services and facilities, you will be required to provide written proof of your official record of vaccination status before coming to campus.

What’s the deadline for providing proof of my vaccination status?

Quinsigamond Community College released a vaccination policy that requires all faculty, staff and students to be fully vaccinated.  We are prioritizing and/or only allowing registration to students who submit written proof of an official record of full vaccination status or have been approved for a reasonable accommodation.

 How do I provide my written proof of an official record of full vaccination?

Students who are fully vaccinated and planning on taking classes:

If you are fully vaccinated and planning on classes, please upload your proof of vaccination to Medicat. The process is easy, can be accessed by your computer or mobile device, and can be completed in a few short steps following our illustrated instructions.

Medicat is linked in this email, but may also be accessed via the QCC Mobile App or

Please note that the attestation of vaccination status will not be accepted as written proof of an official record of full vaccination status.

If I received an exemption and/or reasonable accommodation related to certain COVID-19 vaccination requirements last semester do I now need to request a reasonable accommodation in accordance with the Student Vaccination Policy?

Yes, any vaccine requirements and or exclusions in the past were based on specific sub-groups of students in certain programs or activities.

Will my vaccination record be treated confidentially?

Vaccination records will be treated in the same confidential manner as other student records.

Can I still register for in-person classes if I have not yet been fully vaccinated?

Students won’t be able to register for classes unless they have an approved accommodation.

Students will need to be fully vaccinated before the beginning of classes. A list of vaccination clinics is available at

If I am a high school student who is taking a College course on the College’s Campus either face to face or hybrid, am I required to be fully vaccinated?

Yes, the Student Vaccination Policy applies to you.

If I am a high school student taking a College course taught to my class at my high school am I required to be fully vaccinated?

If you are a high school student taking college classes at your high school and do not come to campus for class, you must follow any vaccine policies set by your school and are not subject to the college’s vaccination policy. If however you are accessing the college campus for any reason, including meeting with college staff or accessing the college’s library, you must show proof of full vaccination status.

What alternatives are available to me if I am unvaccinated?

Unvaccinated students may take remote and online courses with no on-campus component and access services remotely. A limited number of programs and courses are available fully remote and online.

Students may also request a reasonable accommodation where the College will engage in an interactive process to determine if the student is eligible for a reasonable accommodation, and if so, whether the requested accommodation is reasonable and does not create an undue hardship to the College or direct threat to the health or safety of others in the learning and working environment, if applicable.

In the event a reasonable accommodation is approved, students may be subject to additional health and safety protocols and/or be excluded from campus and/or college activities including but not limited to travel for the protection of health or safety, as determined by the College in consideration of local, state, and/or or federal laws and public health guidance and/or mandates.

If I am unable to be fully vaccinated, how do I apply for a reasonable accommodation?

Requests for reasonable accommodation, including requests for a medical or religious exemption, will be considered consistent with applicable laws, legal guidance, and College policy.

Reasonable accommodation requests should be submitted to the Medicat site and search for the accommodation form by clicking on the "Forms" tab, then clicking on "Student Accommodation Form for COVID-19.”  Print out the form, complete and sign it and then upload the form into Medicat by clicking on the "Upload" tab at the top of the screen.  Select "COVID Accommodation Form" and upload. Please Note: You are responsible for providing all relevant information related to your request on the COVID accommodation form to ensure the review of your request is not delayed.  

The individualized interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations is estimated to take a minimum of ten (10) business days following the receipt of satisfactory documentation supporting the student’s eligibility for reasonable accommodation. If you are seeking a reasonable accommodation, please submit your request and necessary documentation as soon as possible and without delay.

If I register for in-person classes and do not submit proof of vaccination by the deadline what will happen?

You will not be allowed to attend class or access campus without submitting written proof of an official record of full vaccination and unless you have an approved reasonable accommodation, you may be administratively withdrawn or, if possible, transferred into a class with no in-person component.

What is the definition of “fully vaccinated?”

The community colleges are following the CDC’s definition of full vaccination status, which currently provides that people are considered fully vaccinated:

  • 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
  • 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine

If the CDC changes their definition at any time, the revised definition will be applicable.

Please pay close attention to the type of vaccine that you receive and its timing schedule to guarantee you are fully vaccinated. You must be fully vaccinated to attend face-to-face and hybrid classes or to access campus for any reason.

If I already had COVID, do I need to be vaccinated?

Yes. According to the CDC, you are not considered fully vaccinated if you have had COVID but have not been vaccinated. 

How do I get vaccinated?

Visit HealthySafeCampus for information and vaccination locations.

Additional resources for accessing a COVID-19 vaccine include: