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Independent Study

Independent Study is an option that QCC provides a student who needs a specific program course for graduation and has met eligibility requirements. An instructor establishes a teaching/learning plan in consultation with the student. The instructor usually agrees to meet for 15 hours in total on a periodic basis to provide direction, assistance, and feedback on the assigned tasks. The student is obligated to learn independently during this period. The student’s academic record should demonstrate his/her ability to learn with minimal assistance from an instructor. The Independent study option follows the same academic timelines as regular courses.

Cost: Full QCC tuition and fees: Transcription Notation: Letter grade

Independent Study Eligibility and Restrictions:

  • Dependent upon faculty availability to teach the course
  • Not granted for electives, Science & Healthcare courses with a laboratory component or developmental courses
  • May not be used to raise a low grade
  • Are not granted if the same course is offered face-to-face and/or online in the same semester
  • Student must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher and must be enrolled at QCC in a degree or certificate program
  • The course must be required in student’s program of study
  • Application must be completed prior to add/drop deadline