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Competency Exams

Competency exams are standardized tests offered at testing centers. The College recognizes the following competency exams.

*Each institution reserves the right to set its own credit-granting policies.

Advanced Placement

Students may ern college credit for High School AP courses if they take and pass the exam by scoring 3 or higher on the AP exam, which is administered by the College Board. Download the AP Examinations Information Sheet,

Cost: fee paid to AP, Transcription Notation – CR

College-Level Examination Program

Credit is awarded to students who achieve acceptable scores on the CLEP examinations. You are a good candidate for CLEP if you have acquired substantial knowledge in general education subjects, such as english, math, history, or psychology. Download the CLEP information sheet.

Cost: fee paid to CLEP, Transcription Notation – CR

DSST Subject Standardized Test

A nationally recognized exam, the DSST subject test is administered through Prometric and covers a wide range of technical business and academic subjects. DSST information sheet.

Cost: fee paid to DSST, Transcription Notation – CR

Challenge Examination

Challenge exams are developed and administered by QCC faculty. If you feel confident that you have mastery over the material, you may be able to challenge a course if you have never taken and failed the course, and if there is no standardized competency exam (such as CLEP) available. You are required to score a C (73-76) or higher in order to pass a challenge examination.

Cost: $75/credit Transcription Notation – Pass

Available challenge exams include CIS 111, Microsoft Computer Applications, & BSS 101. Other subject areas may be available at the dean's discretion.