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Job Readiness Resources

Resume Critique

Your RESUME presents a picture of YOU... work experience, education and training, skills, abilities.This is your opportunity to put your BEST self forward.

Tips and Tricks

How to Create a Resume

Learn about tips on how to format your resume and what information to include..

Writing an Effective Cover Letter

A resume is the first impression a potential employer has of a job candidate. Students will learn how to create a resume and cover letter that stands out from others, ensuring that their resume is professionally marketing themselves, and catches the employer’s eye.

Interview Skills

Students will learn how to prepare for an interview, and will cover some of the most commonly asked interview questions to answering more difficult questions such as, gaps in employment history. While, preparing you for every step of the interview, from planning your interview attire, answering questions effectively, to getting a job offer.

Interview Resource Videos

Dress for Success
  • Business Professional or Business Casual: What's the difference? Learn different options of appropriate attire for the career fair, job interviews and your next job!
  • Career Services staff can provide one FREE professional outfit to help you prepare for your interview. Stop by Career Services to learn more in room 272A.
Workplace Etiquette

Learn about professional conduct within the workplace, and work related activities. Students will learn what is acceptable and unacceptable within a business environment, such as, the way one relates to their supervisors/co-workers and customers, behaviors while at work, and how one speaks/communicates to/with people. Explore what it means to look & act like a professional, covering wardrobe, communications skills, telephone etiquette, and social media presence, in addition to providing some tips about best practices and tricks to becoming professional within the workplace.

Interview Resource Videos