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Alternative Learning

Directed Study

Directed study is an individualized opportunity, guided by an instructor, to learn subject matter that is not taught as an existing QCC course. Through this option, an instructor and student develop the nature and scope of the learning experience and provide the objectives and assignments that the evaluation will be based on. To be eligible, you are required to develop a proposal, demonstrate the ability to work independently, have a solid academic record, and meet appropriate pre-requisites.

Cost: Full QCC tuition and fees: Transcription Notation – Letter grade

Independent Study

An Independent Study is a course taught to you on an individualized basis that is required for your upcoming graduation. Although an instructor will be hired to work with you, most of the actual course work is conducted on your own. The instructor will provide a syllabus, which includes course objectives, timelines and requirements for successful completion. S/he will also meet with you on a periodic basis to provide guidance and feedback. This option is only available to students who meet eligibility requirements.

Cost: Full QCC tuition and fees: Transcription Notation: Letter grade

Independent Study Eligibility and Restrictions:

  • You must be enrolled in the final semester (or equivalent) of a QCC degree or certificate program
  • Course cannot be offered during the semester of request
  • Course must be a program requirement
  • You must be in good academic standing with no outstanding incompletes
  • Independent Studies may not be used to expunge an F, raise a low grade, or satisfy elective credit
  • Independent Studies are only granted during the Fall, Spring, and Summer I sessions