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Steps for New Students

1. Apply to Quinsigamond Community College through the Admissions Office.

2. All new students are required to take the Placement Test before enrolling in classes or meeting with an Advisor.

Students can schedule an appointment for the Placement Test online or by contacting the Advising Center at 508.854.4308 or stopping by the Welcome Center in the HLC.

Students who have taken college-level English or Math do not have to take the placement test, but must bring a copy of their transcripts to their advising appointment.

The Placement Test is a computerized test that helps determine the appropriate level at which a student should begin Math and English courses. Most of the test is not timed and the majority of the questions are multiple-choice. Students can choose to take the entire test (English and Math) during one testing period or take the English and Math tests at different times. Advisors use the results from the test to help students select the right courses for registration. Students can use the online Placement Test Study Guide and Practice Test to prepare for the test, or stop by the Welcome Center to pick up an Placement Test Study Guide.

3. Look at the course schedule before meeting with an advisor so you know which classes are being offered and when.

It's important to be as flexible as you can with your course time requirements, as not all sections of a class may be open. Plan out your schedule with first and second choices for course times.

4. Make an appointment with an advisor online or call the Advising Center at 508.854.4308 or stop by the Welcome Center in the HLC.