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Orientation Strategies for College and Career


ORT 107 Strategies for College and Career: College Orientation 1 credit This course is designed for first time college students who want to become familiar with college resources, procedures, and the overall college environment. Topics include understanding course syllabi, course schedules and college terminology; identifying and utilizing college resources; and strategies to become a successful college student. F

ORT 108 Strategies for College and Career: Learning & Study Skills 1 credit This course will assist students in gaining the necessary study and learning skills to succeed in college. Topics include identifying learning styles and strategies; developing time management and organizational skills; improving note-taking, reading comprehension, and test-taking skills. F

ORT 109 Strategies for College and Career: Career & Academic Planning 1 credit This course will assist the student in developing an individualized, web-based career and academic plan. Students will gain knowledge of career assessment results, career information, labor market trends, decision-making skills, and QCC programs of study. Students will formulate realistic short and long-term career and academic goals. F

ORT 110 Strategies for College and Career 3 credits First time college students who want success and direction in their college experience gain practical skills that are directly applied to selection of a college major and future career paths. Students also gain effective learning strategies, and information on how to navigate and use college procedures and resources. Specific topics include promoting self knowledge through assessments, researching and obtaining career information, developing and practicing study and time management skills, and improving communication and decision making skills. Students integrate information about self, careers, and college through the final project in a Career/Life Plan (CAPS Plan). F/S/SU