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Mission, Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The QCC Radiologic Technology program educates individuals, who upon completion of the program demonstrate entry level skills, knowledge and professional attributes essential to the practice of Radiologic Technology. Graduates meet the professional responsibilities of caring for patients from a global society, through the integration of personal and professional values, theoretical knowledge and clinical skills.

Program Goals

The Radiologic Technology program prepares students to serve the local community as medical imaging professionals by meeting program specific goals: (1) demonstrate competence in performing entry-level medical radiography procedures, (2) exhibit professional and ethical behaviors, (3) demonstrate critical thinking & problem solving skills for immediate and life-long learning, and (4) employ effective written and oral communication skills.

Learning Outcomes

GOAL 1: Demonstrate clinical competence.

  • Learning Outcome 1: Students practice effective patient care
  • Learning Outcome 2: Students produce diagnostic images according to protocol
  • Learning Outcome 3: Students practice effective radiation safety to include appropriate use of exposure factors

GOAL 2: Exhibit professional and ethical behaviors.

  • Learning Outcome 1: Students work effectively as part of a team
  • Learning Outcome 2: Students exhibit satisfactory work ethic
  • Learning Outcome 4: Students understand the importance of continued professional development

GOAL 3: Utilize critical thinking & problem solving skills.

  • Learning Outcome 1: Students modify routine imaging parameters to accommodate patient limitations
  • Learning Outcome 2: Students assess image quality and implement corrective actions to ensure optimal images

GOAL 4: Employ effective written and oral communication skills.

  • Learning Outcome 1: Students employ age/audience appropriate oral communication
  • Learning Outcome 2: Students utilize effective writing skills

Program Effectiveness:

  • Outcome 1: Five-year average credentialing examination pass rate of 75% or better for first attempt.
  • Outcome 2: Five-year average job placement rate of 75% or better within twelve months of graduation.
  • Outcome 3: Annual program completion rate of 75% or better of an admitted cohort graduates within 150% of the program's timeline.
  • Outcome 4: Graduate satisfaction of 85% or better (6-12 months after graduation).
  • Outcome 5: Employer satisfaction of 85% or better (biennial).