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Philosophy & Learning Objectives

​The Department of Psychology at Quinsigamond Community College is a diverse group of psychologists, researchers, and professors who support students in their exploration of the scientific study of mind and behavior. 

Our Mission Statement

Our departmental goal is to excite our students about the realm of psychology, while building a foundation of knowledge, critical thought, and theoretical perspectives. We offer this through quality instruction and a strong academic faculty team, who aim to ignite a lifelong passion for learning in each student.

As a student, we offer you a broad foundation in theory, research methods, and applications of psychology, and serve as a personal point of contact for you into the field of psychology. 

As community members, we also are here to assist in making educational, career, and life decisions by offering curriculum designed to promote self-discovery and career exploration. 

Students continuing from QCC to a four-year program in psychology should feel prepared to succeed and excel in their upper-level coursework, utilizing the foundation built here to propel them to academic and career fulfillment. 

In showing students how psychology provides an understanding of behavior that can be used in many professions, we hope that students find the value of this knowledge in everyday life.

Central to this mission are four main objectives:

  1. Preparing students for advanced study in psychology
  2. Facilitating career and educational planning through our self-assessment and career planning curriculum
  3. Providing a level of psychological literacy that meets the needs of many QCC programs that require psychology coursework
  4. Encouraging critical thinking