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Virus Prevention

QCC Desktop Computers, Servers, and Email system are protected by McAfee Antivirus Suite of applications. In addition to this, you as the end-user can take action to help protect yourself and the rest of our community.

What You Can Do:

Do not open attachments unless absolutely necessary and after you have confirmed its authenticity with the sender. 

Things to look for and do...

  • If you receive ANY email with an attachment ending in .EXE, VBS, .SCR or .SHS delete it, then empty your "Deleted Items" folder.
  • If you receive an email message with any of the following subject lines: ILOVEYOU, Funny, FW: Funny, Jokes, or FW: Jokes - DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.
  • If your system detects the virus at boot time DO NOT OPEN OUTLOOK, CALL the Helpdesk at 4427 and you will be put in the queue for manual remediation.
  • Do not open unexpected attachments without confirmation from the sender.
  • If you receive multiple messages with the same topic in the Subject: line beware. This is a tell-tale sign of a virus.
  • Don't send small programs as attachments. However cute and harmless they may seem, they waste precious disk space and are a very real danger.
  • When using Outlook if the message looks suspicious in the preview pane, don't open it until you confirm it to be a valid message.
  • If you receive an email that states there is a new virus and provides directions regard what to delete on your system... IT IS A HOAX!