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Desktop System Migration Procedure

Each year the college replaces nearly 300 Desktop Computer Systems per our Acquire/ Retire Strategy. Due to the magnitude of this task and our existing staffing level we are augmenting our staff with external help and have standardized the decommission process.

  1. End-Users are notified 1 week in advance of the migration date.
  2. End-Users are given a procedure to migrate their own local files to their network drive.*
  3. The evening before the migration the augmented IT staff will decommission** the system.
  4. The day of the migration the new system is put in place and the old system is removed.
  5. IT staff will configure the appropriate end-user settings.

* IT is not responsible for information stored on the local disk drive. Migrating any data not relating to Toolbox applications is the sole responsibility of the end-user. Please refer to the Desktop Systems Information Management policy.

** This process involves one final sweep for Toolbox data and re-formatting the hard drive. After this process is completed any information stored on the local hard drive is unrecoverable.