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Acquiring New Technology

New technology is requested for one of three reasons:

  1. To replace an existing piece of equipment per the acquire/ retire strategy
  2. To provide a new mandatory capability for the college, department or staff member.
  3. To provide a new non-mandatory capability for the college, department or staff member.

All requests that are considered to be an upgrade or replacement for existing equipment and capabilities are initiated through the Information Technology department. All other equipment tied to "New Capabilities" and projects are processed through the areas Vice President or Dean.

Hardware Budget and Acquisition

The Information Technologies Staff will work with area cost center heads and Microsoft Systems Management Server to determine what equipment is scheduled for upgrade.

The results of this study will be placed into a spreadsheet containing a worksheet for each type of technology with a separate sheet for “Big Ticket” items.

At this time the senior staff will submit requests for new capabilities as they have been processed through the chain of command. The Senior Staff will then prioritize these requests according to institutional priorities and identified funding sources. The list will then be returned to the Chief Technology Officer.

  1. The Chief Technology Officer will finalize the acquisition list.
  2. The Chief Technology Officer will finalize costs and vendors.
  3. The Chief Technology Officer will submit these figures and associated to Financial Services.
  4. The Financial Services will prepare, advertise, and accept the TELP lease bid.
  5. Financial Services will notify the Chief Technology Officer as to when the equipment ordering can begin.
  6. The Chief Technology Officer will order and deploy the equipment

Software Budget and Acquisition Issue

  1. The Information Technologies department will provide all toolbox software to the campus.
  2. Requests for software other than "Toolbox" software will be submitted through the cost center head and prioritized according to institutional and departmental priorities.
  3. These requests will then funnel through the Chief Technology Officer to ensure compliance with hardware/ software standards and purchasing contracts.
  4. The order will then be submitted to the purchasing department for processing.
  5. Maintenance costs for software deployed to the computer labs will be assumed by the Information Technologies Department.

Non Budgeted Requests

All non-budgeted requests should be processed through the chain of command and measured against institutional and departmental priorities.

* Toolbox Software: MS Office Pro 2000, Internet Explorer