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Technical Performance Standards

You can review the working conditions and physical demands for the occupational therapy assistant at the link below. This information is provided to assist you in making college and career decisions. Please note that once you are admitted to the program you select, you will be required to satisfy the technical standards in order to successfully complete the program.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Follow the link(s) below or visit the Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS) website at:
  • You can access MassCIS by matching your local town (or Post Office) with the correct ZIP Code. For example, select "Worcester" from the drop down list titled "City or Town" and then, type "01606" in the Zip Code box.
  • Once you are logged in, the link(s) below will bring you to occupational therapy assistant or you can use the "Global Search" function in the upper right corner to search for an occupation by title.
  • Once you are on the specific occupational therapy page,, review the links on the left.
  • To view technical standards information, click on "Working Conditions" and "Physical Demands".
  • You may also benefit from reviewing the sections on "Skills & Abilities" and "Knowledge".

Occupational Therapy Assistant