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Faculty Member Recognized for Research

February 2023
  • Professor of Integrated Science & Physics Dr. Andria Schwortz
    Professor of Integrated Science & Physics Dr. Andria Schwortz

Professor of Integrated Science & Physics Dr. Andria Schwortz has been on a roll of recognition for her scientific expertise, from articles, textbooks and podcasts.

Dr. Schwortz is active on Twitter, posting about topics such as science, social justice and academia. The Science of Fiction website caught one of her posts and asked her to provide her expert opinion on the science behind Andor, the newest hit show in the Star Wars universe. Read the article here.

"I love the world-building and the character development. The science aspect is the icing on the cake. I just hope it's consistent with the science of the time it was created or at least not blatantly wrong! But with science-fiction movies, it can be entertaining if it is bad enough," Dr. Schwortz said.

Dr. Schwortz has been teaching physics and astronomy at QCC for over a decade, noting," "Everyone thinks astronomy is cool, usually for reasons we don't even cover in class like constellations. But they end up having their mind blown regularly."

She attended the University of Wyoming for her Ph.D. in physics and astronomy education, completing her dissertation on issues of equity in science. The authors of "Roles of Technology in the Science Classroom: Meta-Analysis, Example Vignettes, and Guidance for Teacher Practitioners and Educators in Theoretical and Practical Teaching Strategies for K-12 Science Education in the Digital Age" saw her Ph.D. paper and asked her to author a chapter for the book about integrating technology in science education.

Dr. Schwortz also presented her research at QCC in January of this year, but if you missed it you can access her book chapter.

"For me, research is part of my college service and a way to give back to the structures and systems of education." 

In January, Dr. Schwortz attended one of the largest research conferences in the world hosted by the American Astronomical Society. The astronomy research podcast Astro[sound]bites was taping at the conference and linked up with Dr. Schwortz for their two-part episode focusing on community colleges. She spoke on research, equity, the challenges of teaching and learning at a community college, and how she is trying to remove barriers to education access.

"I've always known my whole life that I liked teaching. I wanted to teach and help reach students who don't have the same opportunities I had myself." Check out the episode.