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QCC Safety Corner

December 2022
  • Emergency Guide

This is the inaugural edition of QCC’s Campus Safety Corner. Each month we will update the community regarding important safety issues and reminders to keep our college community informed.

Beginning in October a Safety Committee was formed that meets weekly to address any safety concerns of the college. To date the following safety initiatives have been implemented:

  • The Red Emergency Guides have been updated and reprinted to include specific definitions of what a lockdown and shelter in place entail. This is located on the last two pages of each Emergency Guide. These updated guides will be placed in all rooms on all campus locations as soon as they are received from our vendor.
  • QR codes were also added to the new Emergency Guides, along with a date that denotes when the guides were updated. An annual review of these guides will continue, updates will be made more often if needed, and feedback from the community will be solicited and incorporated as appropriate.
  • ALL updated Emergency Guide information can be found online at QCC’s Campus Police Department webpage - Emergency Guide
  • Safety training was offered to all groups the week of November 14, 2022. Recordings of this training can be found online at Safety Training.
  • Safety training will continue to be offered for faculty and staff by Community Resource Officer Nicholas Yacuzzi. To request a training please email Officer Yacuzzi at nyacuzzi [at] or use this form.   
  • There are a variety of safety trainings offered. To learn more and request additional safety trainings, visit Safety Classes Offered
  • The email safetyfeedback [at] will remain open for the college community to utilize. The office of the Executive Director of DEI will oversee making sure all comments are redacted of a person’s identity before they are brought to the Safety Committee for review.
  • Wellness resources, including mental health support, are continually available for all faculty and staff through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by ALLOne Health.

AllOne Health
College Code: qccollege

  • Please remember that Mental Health resources are also available for students. During business hours, students who may want ongoing mental health support can call or email the Counseling and Wellness Office. The College also offers access to Togetherall, a free online peer community to support mental health. If there is a mental health emergency during the day, students can access the Counseling and Wellness Office via drop-in and/or contact Campus Police.
  • If students are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency situation after hours, please call QCC Campus Police Dispatch at 508.854.4444, 911 or utilize the following 24-hour resources:            
    • ESP-Emergency Services Program through Community Healthlink Inc: 800.977.5555
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.8255
    • YMCA Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence: 877.509.9922 / Spanish 800.223.5001
    • Massachusetts Department of Public Health Addiction Helpline: 800.327.5050
    • Get Help Now: Crisis Text Line Text “START” to 741.741

Campus Police would like to remind QCC Family of the Following:

See Something, Say Something. Report all suspicious activity! Do not hesitate to call 911 or Campus Police 508.854.4444 to report ANY suspicious activities, persons or vehicles.

“Suspicious Activity” includes:
  *   Persons walking up and down aisles of parking lots looking into cars or trying door handles,
  *   Vehicles cruising parking lots at very slow speeds for extended periods while observing parked cars,
  *   Persons making any kind of mark or placing anything ON parked vehicles,
  *   Persons sitting in running parked cars for extended periods,
  *   Vehicles dropping one person off while continuing to cruise the same area,
  *   Vehicle doors and trunks open or slightly ajar,
  *   Dome lights left on in vehicles,
  *   Broken glass or evidence of a break-in

  *   Carry and program your cell phone with the QCC emergency number 508.854.4444. Carry it in your hand but always walk with a “purpose”: head up, making eye contact with others.
  *   Carry a noise-making device (such as a whistle) with you at all times and use it if you suspect you are in danger. Move to a lit area or building and raise a commotion. Call 911 or Campus Police 508.854.4444.
  *   Walk in groups to and from parking areas when possible as there is safety in numbers.

  *   If you would like an escort between your vehicle and your classroom/office, call QCC Campus Police Dispatch at 508.854.4221.

***If you have any information regarding this or any other incidents, please contact Campus Police using the contacts below:

  • Campus Police Dispatcher/Main Number: 508.854.4221. Campus Phone dial 4221.
  • Emergencies: 508.854.4444. Campus Phone dial: 4444.
  • Anonymous tip line: 508.854.7550
  • Download the “QCC Mobile App” from Google Play, The App Store, or the Windows Store to access "Text-A-Tip" and to receive emergency and inclement weather alerts.
  • Stay alert – report all suspicious activity/person(s) to campus police immediately!

We thank you for your continued support to help keep our college community safe.