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Geese Have a Honking Good Time Each Year at QCC

December 2022
  • Geese crossing
    QCC's new Geese Crossing Signage

You may have noticed a new sign at the front entrance to the West Boylston Street campus. Students, faculty and staff aren't the only ones walking around campus!

In the fall, hundreds of students flock to Quinsigamond Community College’s main campus to begin another semester of learning. However, the college also has another group that flocks to the campus –  Canada (more often known as Canadian) geese. These large migratory birds (species Branta canadensis) make themselves right at home on the front lawn and Loop Road of QCC’s main campus, often to the chagrin of students, faculty, staff and Campus Police.

Each year the geese make themselves at home at QCC for a few months before continuing on their migratory journey when the weather gets particularly frigid. According to the website, the geese average 10-14 pounds and MassWildlife has recorded geese living as long as 22 years (however 60% of geese live four years or less).

While some may find them fascinating and entertaining, many find them a nuisance, yet Campus Police want to caution folks that causing any intentional harm to the birds is a federal offense, as they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Killing Canada geese is punishable by fines and/or jail time.

So as you wait for the gaggle of geese to cross the Loop Road, try to have a little patience and look on the bright side, when you see the geese you'll know there is still more time before winter is officially here!