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Deans Announce Fall STEM Students of the Semester

December 2022
  • STEM Students of the Semester
    Congratulations to the STEM Students of the Semester

STEM Deans Betty Lauer (School of Business, Engineering & Technology) and Ben Benton (School of Mathematics and Science) have announced a new program designed to recognize the efforts and achievements of QCC STEM students. Through the “STEM Students of the Semester” program, up to six students will be selected by faculty in each of the STEM areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics each semester.

“Selected students have demonstrated persistence in their academic studies, often overcoming obstacles and assisting other students” explained Dean Lauer.

The semester-based program “will increase the visibility of STEM programs at QCC” stated Dean Benton.

"By sharing the stories of STEM students, we hope to inspire others to consider a STEM program of study,” Dean Benton added.

The “STEM Students of the Semester” for Fall 2022 were notified by a letter from the faculty member who selected them and their dean. They are as follows:


  • Leesa Kamaru
  • Danielle M. Weaver
  • Ali Aragsan
  • Amanda Silva
  • Harrison Adami-Sampson
  • Haley La Fortune
  • Technology:
  • Mike Gachukia
  • Jared Torosian
  • Brian Messier
  • Anthony Fisher
  • Jacob Ridlon
  • Liam Everett Carlson 


  • Kristina Elena Meneses  
  • Kathlyne Jade Mio
  • Eva Kadriu
  • Joshua Andrade
  • Monica Doan
  • Briana Canavan
  • Stephany Conley
  • Isabella Higuera
  • Yarelis Cortes


  • Nhut Tien Tran
  • Disha Khanna

Each student will receive a certificate of recognition that will be awarded at a reception in January 2023, sponsored by QCC’s STEM Starter Academy. Student success stories will be shared in various QCC media channels, including future issues of The Wyvern Guardian.

For more information, contact Adrienne Linnell, STEM Initiatives Program Administrator at alinnell [at]