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Kevin Lovaincy Starts as QCC's First Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

October 2022
  • Executive Directory of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Kevin Lovaincy
    Executive Directory of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Kevin Lovaincy

Quinsigamond Community College recently welcomed Kevin Lovaincy as its first Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

“This is a pivotal moment for QCC. Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge to this role that will help advance our DEI initiatives. This new leadership position will help us ensure an environment that is equitable in its offerings and inclusive for all,” said QCC President Dr. Luis G. Pedraja. “We cannot shy away from our own shortcomings, but instead work to learn and embrace a more thoughtful and understanding college community.”

Lovaincy has a broad background in DEI, having previously worked at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as acting director of diversity, equity and inclusion, a promotion from his starting position as assistant director of diversity and inclusion for public health hospitals. He also worked in multicultural admissions recruitment for Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was part of the first full-time group of graduate students to receive a Master of Arts in Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership from Tufts University.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in every aspect of life. When we interact with other individuals at our jobs, at home, and in our communities, DEI is there. For me, whether it’s in public health with patients or in academia with students, it’s important to give people a platform to be heard and to be valued. Then we respond to their needs with equitable resources and opportunities,” Lovaincy said.

QCC determined through the President’s Advisory Council on Equity, as well as an equity appraisal performed in 2020 by Inclusivity Education that a high-level DEI position was necessary for the college to continue its DEI initiatives. In his new role at QCC, Lovaincy will be responsible for implementing data-driven action to eliminate systemic organizational marginalization and promote inclusion.

According to Lovaincy, most of his former employment has been in positions that were newly created, and he has experience with setting precedents and assessing areas of strengths and weaknesses in organizations. He said his public health background is a natural transition to higher education.

“Community colleges serve as social justice hubs. I respect the grit required to do whatever it takes to provide resources for QCC's student population which includes a variety of cultures, ages, and life situations. We embrace both the traditional and nontraditional student, using DEI as a framework to uplift them all,” Lovaincy said.