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Start the Fall Semester Off the Right Way – Get Vaccinated

August 2021
  • QCC encourages everyone to get vaccinated.
    QCC encourages everyone to get vaccinated.

As Quinsigamond Community College prepares for the start of the fall semester and coming back to campus, the College wants to remind people to get vaccinated. COVID-19 can affect anyone. People of all ages can get COVID-19 and getting a COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your community from the COVID-19 variants.

People can spread COVID-19 without having any symptoms. Some people with COVID-19 feel totally fine; however, they can still spread the virus to other people. COVID-19 mainly spreads through the air. People with COVID-19 can spread the virus to other people around them when they talk, cough, sneeze, sing — or even just breathe.

When more people get vaccinated, it's harder for new variants to form. That's because the COVID-19 virus needs to infect someone before it can change into a new variant, and vaccinated people are less likely to get infected.

Vaccines work by training your immune system to recognize and fight off a specific germ before it has a chance to make you sick. Even if you already had COVID-19, getting vaccinated can help your immune system fight the virus better in the future. While no vaccine is 100% effective, unvaccinated people are at far higher risk.

QCC will continue to follow the science regarding COVID-19 safety, as well as take into consideration the latest CDC guidelines. We are also following the recommendations and guidance of State and local health officials and remain committed to making decisions with your safety, and the safety of our community, in mind. To learn more visit Healthy Safe Campus.