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QCC's Food Pantry Works to Eliminate Student Hunger

May 2021
  • Julie Tzipori (L) and Karen O’Neill (R) of QCC's Early Childhood Education program help out at QCC's weekly food distribution.
    Julie Tzipori (L) and Karen O’Neill (R) of QCC's Early Childhood Education program help out at the weekly, curbside food distribution at QCC's Food Pantry and Resource Center.

The Quinsigamond Community College Food Pantry & Resource Center has become a lifeline for students who are food insecure. The Food Pantry has helped over 600 students and their families offering weekly food in a safe, contact-free way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each Wednesday, QCC volunteers distribute 2,000 lbs. of food curbside that enables students to continue with their education, while feeding themselves and their families.

“Imagine trying to effectively learn when you are struggling with hunger. The food pantry is helping students continue to realize their dreams of a better life through education,” said President Luis G. Pedraja, Ph.D.

Recently the Food Pantry received a large donation of diapers, baby food and cereal that was made by Paul LaCava, on behalf of the 365Z Foundation, Inc., an organization whose mission is to provide ideas, guidance and resources that will encourage, inspire and challenge individuals to perform conscious acts of kindness. Mr. LaCava is a founding member.

“I was delighted to walk into the Food Pantry on Wednesday and see the very large donation to the QCC Food Pantry and Resource Center. The diapers and cereal are in high demand, and our students truly appreciate it,” said Manager of Student Resources Bonnie Coleman.

Visit the QCC Food Pantry and Resource Center to learn more about its services, or how to make a Food Pantry donation.