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QCC President Releases Statement on Chauvin Trial Verdict

April 2021
  • QCC President Luis G. Pedraja, Ph.D.
    QCC President Luis G. Pedraja, Ph.D.

On April 20, Quinsigamond Community College President Luis G. Pedraja, Ph.D. released a statement regarding the recent verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

“We have all held our collective breaths waiting for the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial in Minnesota. The conviction of one police officer does not end the systemic racism that people of color endure in this country on a daily basis.

As a nation, emotions will run high as a result of this outcome. As we process the verdict, we cannot forget that George Floyd lost his life. His family and our country are forever impacted by the events that lead to this trial.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the trial will not bring solace to everyone in our country. Today is a strong reminder that there is a lot more work to do in order to eradicate and dismantle systemic racism in the United States. Let us all recommit ourselves to that effort.

As a community, and an institution of higher education, we must continue to have the hard conversations that make us uncomfortable as we develop pathways to healing. We need to foster an open and honest dialogue that allows us to become a stronger nation. Together, we can provide examples of equity, inclusion and diversity for ourselves and for our children to follow. We must reflect on what we can do individually and collectively to ensure that the voices of people of color and other marginalized populations are heard, so that we can learn and work hand-in-hand to ensure these injustices never happen again.

Although the trial has ended, these relevant and important conversations must continue if we are to make lasting systemic changes to our nation.”