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Accelerate Your Future By Taking a Course This Summer

April 2021
  • A smarter way to attain a degree faster is by taking a summer course or two.
    A smarter way to attain a degree faster is by taking a summer course or two.

Summertime is headed our way and the warmer weather may just be the perfect opportunity to register for a summer course. Taking classes during the summer offers a multitude of benefits that can accelerate your education.

At QCC, summer classes are seven-weeks as opposed to the standard 15-weeks. This enables students to take two classes in the same time it would normally take them to take one class during the fall and spring semesters. Summer courses are a great way for students to take a class they may need for their degree or certificate, but haven’t been able to fit it into their schedules. Students can catch up, or even get ahead in their classes, graduating ahead of time in many instances, simply by taking a few extra courses. 

For those students attending a four-year college or university, this is an affordable way to take a course at QCC, and be ahead of the game when they head back to their college or university in the fall. Finally, summer is an ideal time for personal enrichment. This is the time that students can try a course or two in a subject that has always interested them.

QCC's Summer I classes begin on May 24 and Summer II begins July 6.  Register today and find out what so many people already know about QCC. It’s College. Made Smarter.