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Community Service Project Brings Newfound Perspective for PTK Student

January 2021
  • PTK student Fatima Mohammed
    PTK student Fatima Mohammed

QCC Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) student Fatima Mohammed is one of the many PTK students who is volunteering her time to assist with student COVID-19 testing, as part of a PTK community service project.

According to Ms. Mohammed, volunteering to help during the COVID-19 pandemic has become special part of her life. Under the vigilant guidance of QCC’s COVID-19 Health Team, she helps instruct students on how to use a swab properly for COVID-19 testing and then watches the students to make sure they use the swap properly.

SMs. Mohammed said she found unsuspected benefits volunteering, witnessing first-hand the hardships and challenges others are facing during the pandemic. The experience has given a new appreciation and perspective on her own life.

“I became thankful for the life I have and started to see my problems are not as important as I thought,” she said. “This was, and will continue to be, one of the unforgettable experiences in my life. I am pleased to say that this opportunity made me realize how important it is to dedicate my time to volunteering.”

Ms. Mohammad said the experience has also helped with her confidence and expanded her social skills. She said one of the main reasons for helping out was to make a difference in someone’s life, while supporting her community during this pandemic.

“We are going through times where we all must stand up together, support and help each other to overcome these challenges we face every day,” she said. “It has been my pleasure to be able to assist in this project during these uncertain times.”

Currently double majoring in Liberal Arts and pre-dental hygiene, she plans to graduate with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in May 2021. Ms. Mohammed said she chose QCC because it was affordable, offered a high quality education as well as transfer opportunities. After graduating this spring, she plans to continue her education at MCPHS University in Fall 2021, with the goal of earning her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. After earning her four-year degree, her hope is to work in the dental hygiene field and help others. 

“My goal is to be able to assist with basic dental supplies for low income families and be able to educate them on oral care,” she said. “I have so much hope for the future.”