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There's Still Time to Make the Most of Winter Break

December, 2020
  • Get a headstart toward your future by taking a Winter Intersession course.
    Get a headstart toward your future by taking a Winter Intersession course.

Winter break is usually an opportunity to visit friends and enjoy quiet time at home with the family. It’s a chance to take a break from school, celebrate the holidays, attend holiday parties and relax... or at least it was. Winter break looks a little different this year, as do most things these days.

The past nine months have forced many of us to slow down, try new hobbies and find innovative ways to entertain ourselves. We bake, exercise, binge-watch Hulu, work in the yard, fix up the house, walk the dogs, play candy crush and make the best of what we have in front of us. If you’re a student (or even if you’re not), this might be the perfect time to try a Winter/Intersession class.

What’s Winter/Intersession? Winter/Intersession classes are full credit classes that run during the Winter break. These 2-week long classes save students time and money towards their degree or certificate. If you’re looking for a reason to go to your room, shut the door and escape from your quarantine buddies, Winter/Intersession could be the perfect opportunity.

Health science pre-nursing major Tracy Fiorello took her first Winter/Intersession course in January 2020. She said it was such a positive experience that she has chosen to take another intercession course this year. 

“I took English 101 over Winter/Intersession last year. The swiftness of the course helped me to cross off necessary classes in a shorter period-of-time. I recommend Winter/Intersession classes to everyone, because who wants to be in school forever,” she said.

Winter/Intersession classes at QCC are well-known in the area, not just for students already enrolled at QCC, but for students attending other colleges. The cost for a class at many of the other local or private schools can cost upwards of two to three times as much as a class at QCC. For these students, just taking a class or two at QCC transferring their credits can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. 

In the spirit of the holiday season and trying new things, maybe it’s time to send 2020 out on a classy note by starting 20201 with an Winter/Intersession course. Register today