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Fight the Stigma – Join Active Minds

October, 2020
  • QCC students are invited to join the new Active Minds Club.
    QCC students are invited to join the new Active Minds Club.

It’s not easy out there today. We are all coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is challenging everyone’s daily lives in ways we could never have anticipated. At QCC, we want to let students know there are ways to cope with mental health issues and find support. 

The new Active Minds Club is a great way to connect with others, build awareness and help change the conversation around mental health for college students. Managed by Director of Counseling and Wellness, Tina Wells, and MSW intern Abiola Olubode.  Active Minds is looking for students who want to create an open, accepting environment where classmates will not be afraid to seek help.

The premise of the club is to help remove the stigma around mental health and get the word out that it’s OK to not be OK. Active Minds is a national organization founded by a college student after the suicide of her only sibling, so that people do not  have to suffer in silence.

To learn more about the club, or to sign up to be a member email counselingandwellnessoffice [at]

Weekly Zoom meetings are set to begin soon.