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Our Future is in the Hands of the Voters

August, 2020

Quinsigamond Community College students are getting the word out about the power and impact of voting. The college has recently begun an informational video campaign that highlights students discussing the importance of voting. The videos remind people of the October 8 deadline for registering to vote and encourage everyone to participate in our upcoming elections. The webpage offers a direct link to the Commonwealth’s register to vote page and other important voting information. QCC is working in collaboration with the Higher Education Consortium Central MA (HECCMA) and MassVote to promote the videos throughout the City of Worcester and help build awareness.

“It’s such an important time in our nation’s history and exercising your right to vote is one of the most important and powerful duties we can do as American citizens,” said Director of Community Bridges Déborah L. González.

Young voters have the power to change elections and represent close to one third of the voting population, yet historically vote less often than those of the baby boomer generation.

“QCC’s voting campaign shines the spotlight on the ability to shape the future through your vote,” Ms. González said. “Voting enables people to affect change, shape polices and create a better future.”

To learn more, visit QCC Votes to get information on registering to vote, voting locations and deadlines, and listen to our students share their reasons for voting.

Luceily Ortiz