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STEM Students of the Month

May 2020
  • From left: Diana Mohammad Bash, John Cullen and Yashvardhan Batra.
    From left: Diana Mohammad Bash, John Cullen and Yashvardhan Batra.

Each month professors in Quinsigamond Community College’s STEM programs recognize and acknowledge the perseverance of one student in their prospective STEM areas. Below are the April 2020 STEM Students of the Month, with a few comments from the professors who nominated them. This will be the last month for the STEM Students of the Month for the summer. The program will pick up again for the Fall 2020 semester.

Science -  Diana Mohammad Bash- nominated by Dilip Patel, Professor of Chemistry & Coordinator of Chemistry Program

“Diana Mohammad Basher is an outstanding student in the Pre-Pharmacy program. Diana is a hard-working student who maintains exceptional grades in chemistry courses. With a GPA of 4.0 in her pre-pharmacy program coursework, she is planning to attend the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) in Worcester. A very good motivator with strong leadership qualities, she also helps and guides freshman and sophomore students who intend to get into QCC’s pre-pharmacy program. Diana has been working in QCC’s admissions department as a work-study student and is a strong ambassador for the college.”       

Technology - John Cullen – nominated by Dean Polnerow, Professor of Computer Systems Engineering Technology

“John is a bright, energetic Computer Systems Engineering Technology (CSET) student who has a varied STEM background. Before turning his attention to computers and cybersecurity at QCC, he studied biotechnology for several years at Worcester Tech High School. His performance in his classes has been excellent to date. But what really sets John apart is his exceptional willingness to help others. John signed up to be a CSET tutor for students who need help in their classes. Students relate easily to him and he has no trouble engaging with them (and they with him). He is continually helping others outside of his official tutoring work hours – when he is available, he is ready and willing to help. Most importantly during the pandemic shutdown, John has reached out to figure out how he can help tutor remotely while students are at home. I think John will be a great asset to any organization he joins in the future, and has proven himself not only to be bright and eager to learn, but a great team player as well.”     

Engineering - Ebony Westerlind – nominated by James Heffernan and Mike Meagher, Professors of Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Instrumentation Technologies

“Ebony is a strong, determined student who shows up at every class ready to work and learn, while also working a full-time job. She asks good questions and is an enthusiastic team member when working with other students. She is already involved in the medical field, and as a student in the Biomedical Instrumentation program under Electronics Engineering Technology, she continues to enhance her skill set. Biomedical Equipment Technicians must understand electronics in order to work with the high-tech, life-saving equipment that doctors and nurses depend on to serve their patients. Ebony is well on her way to serving in this valuable and critical role.”

Mathematics Yashvardhan Batra – nominated by Joseph Babu, Professor of Mathematics

“Yashvardhan (Yash) is a dual enrolled Westborough high school student who enrolled at QCC in Fall 2019 semester, when he took my trigonometry class. Yash’s high academic achievement is impressive. In all the Trigonometry classes I have taught, I have never had a student who would score 100% in all quizzes and all tests including the final exam like he did. He is a very polite and very respectful student. On the few occasions where he had to miss class times he would let me know in advance. A brilliant student, Yash was just admitted to Psi Beta, the Psychology honor society! I look forward to having him in my higher-level math courses.”