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QCC – a Certain Choice in Today’s Uncertain World

April, 2020
  • Quinsigamond Community College is the optimum higher education option.
    Quinsigamond Community College is the optimum higher education option.

Today’s four-year colleges and universities have a different look and feel than they did a few short months ago due to the international health crisis across the globe. For high school seniors, the excitement of prom, graduation and the decision as to whether to live away from home in a college dorm for the first time is now filled with anxiety and uncertainty. The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has given way to an unpredictability of what will transpire this fall and four-year schools are being understandably vague about whether their dorms will be open. However, there is an affordable alternative that offers students a way to stay close to home and obtain quality education – Quinsigamond Community College.

We understand the desire to stay close to home during these uncharted times, which is why QCC makes the perfect sense for today’s higher education needs. Online learning is nothing new at QCC. Prior to the pandemic, many of our students chose to take online courses that offered them the convenience and flexibility of taking courses that aligned with their schedules and their lives.

Nelly Medina is a QCC alumnus and current student. She chose to take many of her QCC courses online.

“I would not be so outspoken if it wasn’t for the online classes. As a visual learner, it was the smarter option for me, and it gave me new options to communicate with my professors and classmates and helped boost my confidence,” she said, adding, “These classes give you a great sense of community.”

With today’s economic instability, there also comes a lot of financial uncertainty for students and parents. QCC is one of the most affordable higher education choices in the region and many of our students attend for little to no cost thanks to financial aid. With over 120 degree and certificate programs taught by instructors who have real-world industry experience, QCC offers a way for students to seamlessly transition directly into the workforce, or transfer to a four-year college or university. All at a fraction of the cost of directly entering a four-year school.

“In 2019, I graduated with an associate degree in General Studies and a Law Enforcement Certificate. Today, I’m in classes that will transfer to a four-year school where I want to study Political Science,” she said.  “I want to be prepared to go to my next college and QCC is making that happen.”

To learn more visit our campus online and take a virtual QCC tour today.