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Remembering Our Veterans

January, 2020
  • Veterans Club Holds K-Cup Drive for Overseas Troops
    Veterans Club Holds K-Cup Drive for Overseas Troops

The Veterans Club is currently holding a K-Cup Coffee Drive for U.S. troops serving overseas. Those wishing to donate K-Cups for the troops may drop off their donation to the Veteran Affairs Office, room 258A (Administration Building at QCC’s main campus). 

Recently Veteran Affairs, in conjunction with the Veterans Club, hosted a Valentines for Veterans Drive to show appreciation for veterans and active duty service members. Donations of cards, notes and drawings were sent to veterans overseas, as well as those in local VA hospitals. QCC's Veterans Club President Tony Barnardo, spoke to his daughter's second grade class at Park Ave Elementary School in Webster, about his time in the U.S. Navy and what he does with the Veteran's Club. After listening to Mr. Barnardo, the students took part in the Valentine Drive, making cards that were sent ot the veterans.

“We send our cards at Christmas time to our veterans, but why not remember them again and say ‘thank you,’ Director of Veteran Affairs Paula Ogden said.

To learn more about the services and opportunities offered to veterans at QCC, visit Veteran Affairs