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HiSET Graduates Become Inspired to do Great Things

June, 2019
  • Student speaker Tammy Twomey
    Student speaker Tammy Twomey
  • The 2019 HiSet graduates
    The 2019 HiSet graduates
  • Chair of the QCC Board of Trustees Susan Mailman speaks at the HiSet Graduation Ceremony.
    Chair of the QCC Board of Trustees Susan Mailman speaks at the HiSet Graduation Ceremony.
  • HiSet grads share a laugh.
    HiSet grads share a laugh.

There are many reasons why people don’t finish high school that are too numerous to list, but what is not too numerous to list are this year’s 20 QCC High School Equivalency (HiSET)/GED graduates. HiSET is offered at QCC’s Healthcare and Workforce Development Center and provides students the opportunity to earn a high school credential, which is recognized as a key to employment opportunities, career advancement, and further education.

On June 10, these men and women persevered through innumerable challenges and obtained their HiSET/GED at a ceremony held at QCC’s Hebert Auditorium. Guest speaker at the event was Chair of the QCC Board of Trustees Susan Mailman.

“Education is a lifelong process. I hope you’ll think about pursuing the next level of education at QCC. What I love about this place is that you are attending school with others who have jobs and families and busy lives and oftentimes problems to tackle, while pursuing their education. It’s inspiring and it’s real,” she told the graduates. “I think each of you made a very commonsense decision to pursue your HSE (high school equivalency).”

Student speaker Tammy Twomey described dropping out of high school at 17 and then trying multiple times to attain her GED, but never being able to follow through for fear of judgment and failure.

“Giving up is not an option and it’s never too late to make a life for yourself. Life is short and it’s what we make of it, she said. “Live life to the fullest, take chances, dream, believe and achieve. Be kind to one another and let’s go out and make a difference in people’s lives.”

The 2019 graduates include:

  • Glendoly Astacio
  • Issabelle Ballard
  • Kellie Chaney
  • Thomas Cyphers
  • Morgan DelRio
  • Erin Ferrari-Oliveras
  • Amanda Frend
  • Josephine Kinyua
  • Saleem Lewis
  • Emily MacIntosh
  • Eva Melendez
  • Chanel Napoli
  • Shakeitha Nemry
  • Alex Zavier Ortiz-Rivera
  • Jacob Roux
  • Leto Seelye
  • Aidan Stockenberg
  • Hana Tang
  • Tulio Tejada
  • Tammy Twomey