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STEM Students of the Month – May

May 2019
  • Fatima Mohammed
    Mathematics STEM student of the Month for May - Fatima Mohammed
  • STEM Students of the Month for May - Science, Technology and Engineering
    STEM Students of the Month for May from left: Engineering - Matthew Kelley; Science - Shayne Barton; and Technology - Savanna Russell

Each month, the professors in QCC’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs recognize and acknowledge the perseverance of one student in their perspective STEM areas. Below is the third group of STEM Students of the Month with a few comments from the professors who nominated them. They include:

Science - Shayne Barton, nominated by Professor of Integrated Science/Physics Andria Schwortz.

“Shayne has shown great growth over his years at QCC.  He not only does well in his courses, but he is willing to stick it out when things get tough, and try multiple approaches to a course to see what it takes for him to be successful.  He works with his classmates to help all learn the material, and is willing to talk to professors for additional help.  Shane takes responsibility for his education, and is looking forward to graduation this Spring semester and transferring in Engineering,”  Ms. Schwortz said.       

Technology - Savanna Russell, nominated by Professor of Interactive Media George Fitch.

“Savanna has developed into a confident and capable leader inside and outside of the college classroom. She is extremely responsible and her design sensibility shines through in the 14 different course offerings in a group of 114 Interactive Media program enrolled students. I know I can rely on her work to be contemporary and unique. Savanna’s organizational skills are extremely impressive. I know this ability to budget her time will serve her well in any professional or college setting," Mr. Fitch said.

Savanna is an intelligent, and capable young woman and a gentle humanist. She has learned to handle cutting edge interactive media software and integrate it with sophisticated video, audio, lighting and photography equipment. She is a natural creative, a unique and capable communicator.”

Engineering - Matthew Kelley, nominated by Professor of Energy Utility Technology Sharron Gillies.

“Matt is a radiologic imaging technician (CT scans, etc.) seeking to change his profession. He is balancing work, studies and family and maintaining an 'A' average in his Energy Utility Technology Certificate classes. Matt became a father for the second time on April 22, giving him a brand new baby boy, Benjamin in addition to his 3-year old daughter, Brooke.  In January, he was elected “Crew Chief” by his classmates in recognition of his leadership in the classroom.  Since the very beginning of the academic year, Matt made it his goal to see that no one was left behind, collecting notes and assignments for absent classmates and serving as a tutor to many of them.  His classmates were able to return the favor when he missed classes on the day of Benjamin’s birth.  Matt will also be the 2019 recipient of the Robert McDonald Award for Outstanding Student in the EUTC program,” Ms. Gillies said.

Mathematics - Fatima Mohammed, nominated by Professor of Mathematics Elena Fenuci.

“Fatima was a student in my intermediate algebra class during Fall 2018 semester. Her major is Liberal Arts- Biology. During our math class Fatima proved to be a very smart student. She scored in the top 5% on all tests and assignments. She was conscientious about her work, attended all classes, and she never complained. Also, her hand writing and organizing skills are excellent. But what still stays with me is her positivity and kindness. Even now when we meet in the hallway she is always greeting me and we exchange a few words, always with a smile on her face. She is a great student and an awesome person. I would be so glad to see her elected as student of the month as I believe she truly deserves it,” Ms. Fenuci said.