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Shakespeare Comes to QCC

April, 2019
  • Shakespeare on a Bench
    The cast of QCC's Production, "Shakesphere on a Bench."
  • Shakespeare on a Bench
    Tthe cast takes their bows during the final performance of Shakesphere on a Bench.
  • Sonnet 96 (Youth) Daniel Warner
    Sonnet 96 (Youth) Daniel Warner
  • Sonnet 73 (Pantaloon) Melesia Swanston-Alonzo
    Sonnet 73 (Pantaloon) Melesia Swanston-Alonzo
  • Sonnet 143 (Baby) Ari Strout
    Sonnet 143 (Baby) Ari Strout
  • Sonnet 8 (Youth) George Baraklilis
    Sonnet 8 (Youth) George Baraklilis
  • QCC students Lex Guertin and Mike Daniel
    QCC students Lex Guertin and Mike Daniel
  • QCC student Nate Wilson
    QCC student Nate Wilson

Often mere words, spoken with intention can make the most impact. While the words of William Shakespeare were written well over 400 years ago, they still resonate today. The recent school play, “Shakespeare on a Bench,” held April 10 – 14, gave testament to that with a series of segments from Shakespeare’s sonnets, and a variety of Shakespeare’s plays, which drew rave reviews from all who attended.

Directed by Kelly Stowell and Assistant Director Amber Charest, the production was the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication of both cast and crew, made up of both current and former QCC students. The cast was a mix of both veteran and beginner actors that included:

  • Ari Strout
  • George Baraklilis
  • Daniel Warner
  • Vidalyssi Nuñez
  • Tris Sackman
  • Genesis Sanchez
  • Letty Ramirez
  • Anye Ngwaah
  • Mike Daniel
  • Amber Charest
  • Melesia Swanston-Alonzo
  • David Rodriguez
  • Lex Guertin
  • Nate Wilson

This production was also entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF). This national theater education program identifies and promotes quality in college-level theater production. Productions entered on the participating level are eligible for invitation to the KCACTF regional festival, and may also be considered for national awards recognizing outstanding achievement in production, design, direction and performance.

Last year more than 1,300 productions were entered in the KCACTF involving more than 200,000 students nationwide. By entering this production, QCC’s theater department is sharing in the KCACTF goals to recognize, reward, and celebrate the exemplary work produced in college and university theaters across the nation.