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CSET Student Orientation Yields Big Win For CSET Students

April 2019
  • CSET Students and instructor
    CSET students received a Microsoft Surface Go laptop from Professor NT Izuchi (center) for completing a two-day CSET-specific student orientation.

Last summer a group of Computer Systems Engineering Technology (CSET) students went through a new student orientation to learn the ins and outs of college life at QCC; toured the campus and visited the labs; learned how to use the applications that will be a part of their curriculum, and discussed the different degree options. The two-day orientation was funded by a STEM Starter Academy Grant and those students who participated received a Microsoft Surface Go laptop.

Today, CSET jobs are some of the fastest growing jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted an 11% job increase from 2016-2026, faster than the 7% average job growth rate. In 2017, the median salary for Computer Support Specialists was $52,810. Professor of Computer Systems/Engineering Technology, NT Izuchi said there is a growing need to find qualified candidates to do these type of CSET jobs.

“Companies just can’t find qualified candidates to do these jobs,” he said, which makes programs such as the new CSET student orientation so valuable.

QCC CSET student Daikersu Mulbah said he was actually attending another community college near Boston for nursing, when he decided to change gears. A search of IT programs in the region brought him to QCC. He said it was just the program he was looking for and went through the summer new student orientation. He ended up leaving Boston, buying a home in Worcester and began to take classes at QCC in fall 2018.

“I searched online, found QCC and left my email address,” Mr. Mulbah said. “Now I’m here.”