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New STEM Student of the Month Recognition Program

March, 2019
  • STEM Students of the Month
    STEM Students of the Month are Timothy Petrides (left), Peter Erian and his wife (left inset), Daniel Diaz (right) and Emily Robinson and her husband.

Sometimes it is those students who are not always in the limelight; the ones who don’t always get the highest grades, but who consistently put in the effort to move forward in their lives despite opposition that make the biggest impact. The professors in QCC’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program recognized the need to acknowledge the perseverance of these students and developed a new initiative known as the STEM Student of the Month program. The intention of this program is to have a new group of students recognized each month.

One student will be selected and recognized in the areas of science, technology engineering and mathematics. Students are nominated by their professors and final selections are made by each department. Selected students will be given a certificate of achievement and be invited to make something in QCC’s Fab Lab to commemorate their achievement.

Below is the first group of STEM students of the Month, with a few comments from the professors who nominated them.

The inaugural STEM students of the Month include:

Science – Emily Robinson, nominated by Biology Professor Lauren Klosowski

“Emily is a dedicated, hardworking student. She is a mom of three working toward being an Occupational Therapist. She is always prepared for class and not only prepares the work she needs to do but is ready to help other students as well,” Ms. Klosowski said.

Technology – Peter Erian, nominated by Computer Science Professor Hao Loi

“I have followed Peter’s progress with interest and come to know the many positive qualities that define him. Peter manages his schedule to balance his work life with attending classes at QCC. Peter is very approachable and his classmates look up to him,” Mr. Loi said.

Engineering – Timothy Petrides, nominated by Automotive Technology Professors Don Morin & James Krapf

“Tim is currently in his second year of automotive studies. He is working full-time at North End Subaru in Lunenburg, MA and is part of the Subaru U partnership with Subaru of New England. Tim has excelled at work and is well liked by his peers. Tim is the nephew of an alumnus of the program and is keeping auto-tech in the family,” said Mr. Krapf.

Mathematics – Daniel Diaz, nominated by Mathematics Professor Stephen Zona

“Dan is an engineering student who, after starting in developmental math, is currently enrolled in Calculus II (Fall 2018).  His impressive class participation, leadership skills, work ethic, math knowledge, and positive attitude, were demonstrated in his Trigonometry class, which was the reason he was asked to act as a volunteer tutor in my evening College Algebra class,” Mr. Zona said. (He has since successfully completed the course)

Make sure to visit the Wyvern Guardian each month for the latest STEM students of the month.