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Credentialing Bolsters Students Success in the Manufacturing Workplace

January, 2019
  • QCC students who passed Level 1 certification.
    QCC students who passed Level 2 certification included from left: Nick Mannella, Josiah Gianfriddo, Brian Cummings (faculty), Mark Nystrom and Johanny Polanco.
  • QCC students who passed Level 1 certification.
    QCC students who passed Level 1 certification included from left: Lee Duerden (faculty), Michael Mielinski, Will Nunes, Jonah Wicklund, Nick Bold (lab manager), Tomas Dorman, Vincent Algieri, Andrew Paquette, Dhalin Lutaaya and Wendy Storm (MassMEP - MACWIC).
  • QCC student Dhalin Lutaaya shows off the challenge coin he earned.
    QCC student Dhalin Lutaaya shows off the challenge coin he earned.
  • QCC student Will Nunes
    QCC student Will Nunes
  • MACWIC pyramid chart
    MACWIC pyramid chart

A dozen manufacturing students recently passed the first level of the Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovation Collaborative (MACWIC) credentialing/certification program. The program, which is designed and influenced by industry leaders in order to support the growing manufacturing initiatives in today’s marketplace, is a part of QCC’s advanced manufacturing program. The MACWIC credentialing is a stackable system that builds onto itself, increasing manufacturing skillsets.

Seven of the students passed the Level 1 certification, which entailed achieving an average of 85 or better in a five section exam that focused on blueprint reading, metrology, shop math, safety and work readiness. Those students who attained an 85 or better in each of the five sections also received a challenge coin to commemorate their achievement.

Level 1 leads onto Level 2, and then onto Level 3. Levels 2 and 3 are focused on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technologies and capability. MACWIC credentialing can go as high as Level 5 (see attached chart). Those who reach that level are then considered qualified to be machinists or even be part of manufacturing’s management sector.

According to Assistant Professor of Manufacturing Technology Lee Duerden, the students who passed Level 1 credentialing are now adequately prepared for entry level manufacturing jobs.

“This is the first step to a higher paying job in almost any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) industry,” he said, noting that while many of the students may have already been well-versed in some of the sections of the exam, blue print reading and metrology (the science of measurement) are skills they learned and can now apply with more confidence in the workplace.

Five QCC students also passed the Level 2 certification, which gives them a broader manufacturing skillset and enables them to move on to more advanced certifications.

“We have been using the MACWIC credentialing system for about 4 years now,” Mr.  Duerden said, adding that approximately 70 QCC students have already received this credentialing.

QCC students who passed Level 1 certification included:

  • Michael Mielinski
  • Will Nunes
  • Jonah Wicklund
  • Tomas Dorman
  • Vincent Algieri
  • Andrew Paquette
  • Dhalin Lutaaya

QCC students who passed Level 2 certification included:

  • Nick Mannella
  • Josiah Gianfriddo
  • Mark Nystrom
  • Johanny Polanco

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