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The Future is Bright for Commonwealth Honors Program Students

December, 2018
  • QCC Honors Colloquium students
    QCC Honors Colloquium students

Commonwealth Honors Program (CHP) students presented their final projects at the Honors Colloquium in early December. The students each read a dystopian novel then wrote about a real-world topic reflected in their literary selection, describing the potential consequences of modern society.  The fall the 2018 section of IDS 200 was titled: Dystopian/Utopian Worlds in Literature and Contemporary Society, and is facilitated by Professors Amy Beaudry (English) and Dr. Gaelan Benway (Sociology).

IDS 200 is the capstone course for students enrolled in the Commonwealth Honors Program. The program is accredited by the Department of Higher Education. All of the Massachusetts community colleges, state universities, and UMass campuses are part of one program, with each school determining their curriculum based on the accreditation criteria that has been established by the DHE.

At QCC, the program involves students successfully completing four courses at an honors level with a “B” or higher. IDS 200 is the culminating course. In the fall section of IDS 200, students participate in a Conference Panel, and the spring section of IDS 200, students participate in a poster presentation. All IDS 200 students also have the option of presenting at UMass Amherst’s annual Undergraduate Research Conference, held each May.

In order to assist students in composing the best piece of scholarly writing during their time at QCC, IDS 200 has established a library mentoring program whereby each student enrolled in the class is matched with one of QCC’s four reference librarians for the semester. Working with the two faculty, as well as the reference librarians, is integral to the students’ success.

Presenting Honors Colloquium students included:

  • Brianna Canavan
  • Elvin Kaninjing
  • Santana Wright
  • Sam Brown
  • Tom Coley
  • Ashley Forhan
  • John Beane
  • Emma O’Brien
  • Andrew Leger