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New Placement Tests At QCC

September, 2018
  • Associate Professor Sheiba Mas-Oud explains a mathematics problem to student Bethany Bailey.
    Associate Professor Sheiba Mas-Oud explains a mathematics problem to student Bethany Bailey.

As of September 13, placement testing at Quinsigamond Community College has changed.The college has previously used the Accuplacer tests in both Math and English (an requirement for enrollment) but is now using its own math test, the QMAT and the new Next Generation Accuplacer English tests.

While the English tests are still Accuplacer tests, the mathematics test is unique to the college. The impetus for the new test was to create a math placement test that was more appropriate for placement into QCC mathematics courses.

“We are using a homegrown math test, and so far, it is working well. The test runs through Blackboard, so it is a totally different look and ‘feel’ from the former Accuplacer test,” said QCC’s Director of Testing Laura Tino. “Students start with a beginning algebra section and move through sections until they have placed into a class.” 

Once students complete the test they will receive a score 0-61, which then corresponds to a QCC math class. Previous math test Accuplacer scores are valid for two years; however, students who are interested may retest with the new math test. Math study booklets are available in the test room (s), at the math tutoring center and at advising in the Student Success Center.

For English, QCC is using the new multiple-choice Accuplacer sections, as well as the essay section, which has not changed. The two multiple-choice sections are scored along with the essay section.  The scores are then combined to generate placement into the appropriate English class. Placement in a Developmental English class is based on the Reading score alone.

In most cases, students who wish to retake the English placement tests will be taking the new test in its entirety. Those students who are already enrolled, or those who have questions about their placement and process, should speak to an Academic Advisor.

Testing is held not only on QCC’s main campus, but also at QCC Southbridge and QCC's Healthcare and Workforce Development Center.  Testing is not timed; it takes approximately three to four hours to complete both the math and English portions. Students should bring a picture ID, such as a QCC ID, school ID, passport, license or state ID and know their social security number to enter the tests.

Students are advised to study before they take the placement tests. Math and English study booklets are available in the test room, at the math tutoring center, the writing center and at advising as well as online.

For information and hours to take the placement tests, visit placement testing.