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QCC Southbridge Rocks!

August, 2018
  • QCC Southbridge Gold Rock Winner! Who will be next?
    QCC Southbridge Gold Rock Winner! Who will be next?

The town of Southbridge recently started a community Rock Scavenger Hunt for children. Area families got together and painted rocks different colors and hid them all over town to promote community engagement and have fun.

QCC Southbridge decided to get in on the action and through the efforts of Disabilities Services Coordinator Tami Strouth, painted rocks with gold “QCC Rocks” lettering on them. QCC student Annmarie Darling and her two children hid them around town and Ms. Darling created a post on the town of Southbridge Facebook rock page. 

Anyone who found a QCC golden rock, was asked to bring it to the college at 5 Optical Drive, Southbridge to collect a prize (prizes included a frisbee, a backpack, and a "One Day I Will Be…'' book). Winners were then asked to re-hide the rocks. A total of 10 rocks have been hidden around town and thus far five children have come in to collect a price. ​Future QCC students?  We sure hope so!