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The Power of Perseverance Shines Brightly at QCC’s 2017 Rising Stars Event

December, 2017
  • QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja addresses QCC's the inaugural group of Rising Stars of QCC honorees.
    QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja addresses QCC's the inaugural group of Rising Stars of QCC honorees.
  • QCC Rising Star recipient Benjamin Aryel (center) receives his certificate from QCC's Vice President Lillian Ortiz and QCC President Luis Pedraja.

At Quinsigamond Community College, recognizing and honoring those who persevere and make a difference is just one of the many examples of what makes QCC’s community so unique.

Earlier this month the college held its first “Rising Stars of QCC” event to honor the men and women in the QCC community who have persevered in challenging life circumstances. The event was held in the Hebert Auditorium and 45 QCC students were honored with the distinction of being one of the “Rising Stars of QCC.”

This is a new event, consolidating been two separate recognition events. "You’re a STAR (Someone to be Admired and Respected)" was a program which recognized male students and "Women of Distinction" recognized female students. This newly developed "Rising Stars of QCC" program now enables more inclusion of QCC’s vibrant student population and offers those who identify as non-binary and transgender the ability to be included and recognized.

QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja and Dr. Lillian Ortiz, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Student Engagement & Community Connections, presented the students with their awards and certificates.

“The Rising Stars of QCC event was a huge success with 45 students nominated. I would like to thank all the faculty and staff who took the time to nominate these more than deserving students,” said Master of Ceremonies, Josh Cole, QCC’s Assistant Manager of Athletics & Fitness. “It’s always great to be able to recognize the perseverance, dedication, and character that QCC students embody.”

The 2017 Rising Stars of QCC are:

  • Benjamin Aryeh
  • Andre Beaudet
  • Dathiel Blake
  • Farhiya Burale
  • Huda Burale
  • Kelsey Cobb
  • Jeanine Daley
  • Ann Davis
  • Nathan Driscoll
  • Agnes Dwumfour
  • Ashley Forhan
  • Thomas French
  • Jessica Gasiewski
  • Emily Guidetti
  • Vanessa Hanger
  • Mark Hogan
  • Amanda Hoxha
  • Mohamed Hussein
  • Mariah Johnson
  • Sonya Lasa
  • Jose Leal Figueredo
  • Vaughn Lee
  • Kathleen Linton
  • Trevor Mackowiak
  • Ian Mahoney
  • Shelby Maiorana
  • Nicholas Martin
  • James Mbugua
  • Kirols Mohareb
  • Kyle Mondino
  • Vu Nguyen
  • Cristina Picozzi
  • Nolan Pond
  • Amy Potenti-Main
  • Edward Reitz
  • Megan Romero
  • Kelsey Rustin
  • Patricia Songo
  • Kaitlyn Stewart
  • Supaporn Thamadilok
  • Jay Turner
  • Eric Wells
  • Kaileen Wheeler
  • SangYun Won
  • Haoyu Zhao

The program is co-sponsored by QCC Counseling Services and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. QCC offers its thanks to the Rising Star Committee: Tina Wells, Josh Cole, Debbie Ryder, Casey Sullivan and Barbara Zabka, as well as Dr. Pedraja, Dr. Ortiz and Nancy Schoenfeld.