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Women in STEM find QCC’s Fab Lab a Fab-ulous Resource

November, 2017
  • QCC students in the "Women in STEM" group recently toured the Fab Lab with Professors Grimaldo and Sorraco.
    QCC students in the "Women in STEM" group recently toured the Fab Lab with Professors Grimaldo and Sorraco.

Nine female QCC students saw firsthand what amazing opportunities and capabilities QCC’s Fab Lab has to offer through a recent tour of the facility. The tour was arranged by on-campus support group “Women in STEM” (WIS), whose mission is to provide academic, social, and professional mentoring and support to women in STEM programs at QCC.

Located on the first floor in the QuEST building, the Fab Lab contains various types of design and fabrication equipment that students, staff and faculty can learn to use in order to help transform their ideas into reality. Fab Lab Manager Alex Gray and student assistant Elijah Boudreau demonstrated the capabilities of the lab to the students, including the different types of 3-D printers that can make items from various materials; a laser cutter for precision trimming; a vacuum former for making molds; a vinyl printer for creating banners and decals, and an embroidery machine that uses colored thread to personalize items.

Mr. Gray helped the women create a logo for WIS during the tour and the students plan to produce the logo and transfer the design onto shirts using the vinyl printer. Students who participated include Maame Amoah-Dankwah, Narda Bondah, Rose Duchemin, Cathy Evans, Triomphe Kanyeba, Cheryl Ann Letson, Monica McMullan, Savanna Russell, and Emilyrose Sandgren.They were accompanied by Professors Andreana Grimaldo (Mathematics) & Anita Soracco (Environmental / Physical Science), who led the group.

Following the tour, Professor Grimaldo commented, “This incredible lab is located on our campus and it is open to all students.”

Professor Soracco added, “I think the FAB Lab is a unique resource, and typically one that is very male dominated. I think the tour was a wonderful opportunity to expose our female STEM students to this resource, and I encourage them and engage them to get involved. “

Women in STEM is a new organization on campus and membership is open to any QCC woman studying in a STEM field, according to Professor Grimaldo. It is sponsored by QCC’s STEM Starter Academy (SSA) program, which is managed by Darcy Carlson.

 Plans are being finalized for a "Final Exam Good Luck" pizza party and student attendance raffle on Tuesday, December 12 at 12:30 p.m. in room 313 in the QuEST building. An email invitation will be sent to all QCC women who are enrolled in STEM majors.

Any woman wishing to come the group can email either professor or come to an event. For more information reach out to amygrimaldo [at] (Professor Grimaldo) or asoracco [at] (Professor Soracco).

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