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Getting to know your QCC Colleague

August, 2017
Leon GranadosSolar eclipse animation

Leon Granados - Digital Media Specialist/Graphic Designer         

I’m a videographer, photographer and graphic designer!  In my spare time I am also an amateur astronomer and graphic artist. In terms amateur astronomy, I’ve seen and photographed the moons of Jupiter and Rings of Saturn. 

Department: Institutional Communications

Office location: 320A

​Contact information: lgranados [at] ext. 2832

​Role at QCC: Digital Media Specialist

How long have you worked at QCC: 2 Years, 4 Months (Since March 30, 2015)

What is your favorite movie: Tremors

What is your favorite TV show: Twin Peaks

Where is your favorite place: Salisbury Beach, MA

What do you like to do in your free time: Doodling and Drawing (the number one thing I love to do in terms of drawing and video making is tell stories.)

What is your best/favorite  “QCC story”:  As a videographer/editor, I’m fortunate enough to witness and participate in some of the most interesting events at QCC. I’ve witnessed multiple openings, including the Quest Center, though my favorite events include meeting and interacting with students, such as in the recent Solar Eclipse event, where I got to witness an incredible and rare event surrounded by enthusiastic colleagues and community members.  

Quote: Above all else I love the community of QCC, and hope that I can be a positive influence on both my colleagues and our students.

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