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Denim Day Raises Awareness About Sexual Assault

April, 2017
  • Denim Day signed shirts
  • Denim Day attendees
  • Denim Day signed jeans

QCC hosted Denim Day to bring awareness to Sexual Awareness Month and the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

Students were invited to wear jeans with a purpose on April 26, when QCC Campus Police sponsored Sexual Assault Awareness Day.

Many students came out, as well as QCC President Gail Carberry, wearing a denim jacket, to sign a pledge and discuss the importance of awareness about misconceptions and misinformation about rape and sexual assault.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The two events are intended to draw attention to the fact that rape and sexual assault remains a serious issue in our society and harmful attitudes about rape and sexual assault allow these crimes to persist and allow victim/survivors to be re-victimized; and “Sexual Assault Awareness Month” and “Denim Day” were also instituted to call attention to the problem that many in society remain disturbingly uninformed with respect to issues of assault and forcible rape.

The event was held to help communicate the message that there is “no excuse and never an invitation to rape.”

QCC Campus Police also recently held a self-defense class, RAD, (Rape, Assault Defense) Class, with QCC Police Officer Catherine Dixon. The four-session class was open to students, faculty, staff and family members. The free classes were conducted in the fall and spring.