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“12 Angry Jurors” Plays To Rave Reviews

April, 2017

Quinsigamond Community College, in association with Fitchburg State University, presented “12 Angry Jurors,” a powerful play about the American legal system.

Margaret Wong, Professor of English at QCC, said the production was superb. “The actors completely inhabited their respective roles. With most productions, to enjoy a play, audience members generally have to make a concerted effort to maintain a suspension of disbelief. With this performance, however, audience members had to constantly remind themselves that they were watching a play. There were many moments that I wanted to spring from my seat to argue against the bigotry of Juror No. 10 or lend a supportive word to Juror No. 8.”

She said the play’s contents were timely and relevant. The play, written by Reginald Rose, was made into a movie in 1957 “12 Angry Men” and was viewed as a powerful indictment of the trial by jury system.

Victor Somma, Assistant Vice President of Extended Campuses Operations and Community Engagement at QCC, said the QCC Theatre Club performed a stunning rendering of the play.

“You are in the room with the jurors, almost making you want to be part of their decision process. Guilty or not guilty? You will be surprised!”

Performances were held on April 27, 28 and 29 at 7:30 p.m. in the Harrington Learning Center.

The play was directed by Nick Wakely, adjunct professor of theatre production at QCC.

Special thanks to Quinsigamond Community College President Gail Carberry, Dean of Humanities Clarence Ates and Karole Hager, Director of Auxiliary Services, QCC Public Safety. From Fitchburg State University, the production wants to thank University President Richard Lapidus, Communications Media Chairperson Mary Baker, Head of Theatre Kelly Morgan, Denise Alexander and Peter Anderregg, Manager of the Fitchburg Law Library.

The production also wants to thank the Reginald Rose Foundation.