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QCC Appointments and Reassignments

March, 2017

The President has approved the following appointments and administrative reassignments which are presently in effect or will be effective as noted.

Selina Boria, Executive Assistant to the President, will be focusing her responsibilities in three key areas; Policy, College Governance, and Diversity Initiatives.  Her title will now reflect the focus of her role, Executive Assistant to the President for Policy, Governance, and Diversity.

Lucinda Costa, formerly Assistant to the Vice President for Community Engagement, will permanently assume the full responsibilities of Assistant to the President. 

Donna Harvey, Administrative Secretary I in the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment and Student Engagement’s office, will become Acting Assistant to the VP, continuing to report to Vice President, Lillian Ortiz.  The vacancy was made available by a recent retirement.  A new classified position will be posted and filled in the Vice President’s office in the next several weeks.

Nancy Chosta, Clerk V, has been assigned to the Facilities Department, reporting to Jim Racki, Director of Facilities.

Elizabeth Woods, Dean of Students, is taking on the responsibilities of Dean for Compliance.  In this new role she will continue to report to the VP for Strategic Enrollment.  Her position as Dean of Students will be posted and filled in the next several weeks.  Liz will remain in the Dean of Students role until a successor is appointed.