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QCC Fire Science Instructors Attend Fire Chief Conference

February, 2017
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Fire chiefs from around the state met in Worcester to discuss fire safety trends and training.

The Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts hosted its Professional Development Conference at the DCU Center from February 28 through March 2.

"The FCAM Professional Development Conference is an amazing opportunity for fire service leaders to gather and learn and hear the latest trends in our profession from fire behavior, to leadership, to risk management,” said Auburn Fire Chief Stephen Coleman, QCC Fire Science instructor. “The speakers are some of the most respected in the business and all carry a consistent message that regardless of how long you have been in the fire service, you’re never too old to learn something new, and that there is always something new to learn. This is a message that we promote and instill to the students at QCC."

The Fire Science Conference featured keynote speaker Shane Ray, who has been a volunteer firefighter since 1984 and a career firefighter since 1994. He served as a mayor for six years and the Tennessee Fire Chief’s Legislative Chairman for 12 years. Throughout his career, he had been committed to public service with a “Do It Different” mentality and thinks all stakeholders are important.

Other speakers included Larry Kelly, who will discuss how to select firefighter and how to recognize when a fitness for duty evaluation is needed; and Gordon Graham, who will discuss organizational risk management.

Classes and seminars were offered on topics including Fireground Management and Accountability with a simulation trainer; Succession Plans for Fire Service Leaders; Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service; and Massachusetts Active Shooter Response Guidance. There also was mechanics class offered in pump training.

Michael Gonynor, QCC Fire Science Instructor, also attended the conference.