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All College Day Celebrates QCC Initiatives and Programs

January, 2017
  • speaker at all college day
  • gail speaks at all college day

On the first day of the semester, January 17, all faculty and staff are invited to and encouraged to attend All College Day, an event to discuss and celebrate Quinsigamond Community College’s programs and initiatives.

The keynote address was given by Carlos Santiago, Commissioner of Higher Education for Massachusetts. Introduced by QCC President Gail Carberry, she said Dr. Santiago has helped shape transfer opportunities from QCC to four-year colleges in the state.

When he arrived in Massachusetts three-and-a-half years ago, one of the first colleges he visited was Quinsigamond Community College. “I am delighted to come back to discuss public higher education and how it has grown and expanded over the years,” he said.

A gap in lifetime earnings of those with college degrees and certificates compared to those without was shown starting in the 1980s, but Mr. Santiago said changed policies, and grants and funding were decreased, and so now more students need loans to cover college costs.

“These challenges we face today… in the economy in this state, means we need to step up to support public higher education,” he said. Massachusetts is one of the most educated states in the union, more than 50 percent of the population have a certificate or degree in higher education. He said the majority of Massachusetts residents are attending public colleges, and the college needs to encourage the enrollment of non-traditional age students and minority students to help continue to grow the innovation economy.

Dr. Carberry was presented with an award for her 10 years of service to QCC. She is retiring this spring.

Other faculty and staff also were recognized for their service to the college:

  • Anthony Bernardi, 10 years
  • Elizabeth Blaue, 10 years
  • Amy Booth, 10 years
  • Hadley Camilus, 10 years
  • Gail Carberry, 10 years
  • Kazimierz Chojnowski, 10 years
  • Lucinda Costa, 10 years
  • Margaret Gniadek, 10 years
  • Deborah Gonzalez, 10 years
  • Todd LaBranche, 10 years
  • Timothy LaFountaine, 10 years
  • Wayne Lilyestrom, 10 years
  • Daniel Litchfield, 10 years
  • Amy MacArthur, 10 years
  • Erica Merrill, 10 years
  • Patrick Printz, 10 years
  • Henry Ritter, 10 years
  • Reynaldo Rodriguez, 10 years
  • Ingrid Skadberg, 10 years
  • Elaine Trottier, 10 years
  • Denise Urella, 10 years
  • Mark Webber, 10 years
  • Edward Crotty, 20 years
  • Shirley Dempsey, 20 years
  • Luis Fontanez, Jr., 20 years
  • Krystyna Gawrych, 20 years
  • Donny Hall, 20 years
  • Jane Shea, 20 years
  • John Solaperto, 20 years
  • Linda Chaput, 30 years
  • Bonnie Coleman, 30 years
  • George Fitch, 30 years
  • Sharron Gillies, 30 years
  • Pamela Riendeau, 30 years

Board of Trustees Chairperson Susan Mailman updated the students on the Presidential Search. Resumes will be accepted through the end of January, and at the end of February, the search committee will get together to interview six to 10 semi-finalists and then the search will transfer to the Board of Trustees. They hope to announce a new president by the end of the spring semester, she said.

The event also included presentations on Student Success Initiatives, such as the growth of Phi Theta Kappa; SHE, Support Help and Encouragement, a mentor program for women at the college that includes workshops for all students; Brothers & Keepers Programs, a mentor program for men at the college; and the new QCC Veterans’ Center and Veterans Club.

The event concluded with the dedication of the Patricia A. Toney Center for Academic Excellence.