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Students Show Off New Musical Skills

October, 2016
  • students in music lab
  • student plays keyboard

Students are enjoying the new music theory class, offered through the Liberal Arts Music Option, a new associate degree option at Quinsigamond.

A few students recently showed off their skills on piano and guitar, recording short performances which can be viewed on Wyvern TV.

The students are calling themselves the QCC Trebelmakers.

“I asked my students if they wanted to showcase their talents, and I was amazed by their interest and the variety of musical genres they perform,” Professor Jose Castillo said. “Recording the performances is a great way to let people know QCC has a music program, and let the QCC community know what is going on with arts on campus. It also gives my students experience in performing in front of a camera.”

He said this project is not required for his class, it was just a fun way for students to express themselves. The students are working on a holiday video in the style of Jimmy Fallon’s classroom instruments videos, arranging vocals and bringing in instruments such as a ukulele, spoons and a washboard base.

Students are performing on Fridays, and Mr. Castillo has been releasing the videos on Mondays on his Facebook page.

Mr. Castillo recently spoke on Face the Region about the music option. He worked for more than five years researching music programs at different colleges to create the curriculum for the program, that was first offered this fall. This is part of the college’s efforts to continue to support arts, as well as its STEM offerings, for a full STEaM ahead focus on a well-rounded education.

In addition to music theory, students participate in a piano training lab and an ear training lab. Students are not required to have any prior musical experience.

QCC’s music curriculum is designed to prepare students for transfer to four-year intuitions, for those interested in further developing their musicianship, or provide our students with enough knowledge for entry level work requiring communication and critical thinking skills.

Students will obtain a foundational education comprised of the humanities, social sciences and mathematics with a concentration in music knowledge, skill and a solid base of musical proficiency. Upon successful completion program, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate fundamental musicianship.
  • Demonstrate and apply music theory and composition.
  • Identify historical perspectives of music, including styles and nationality, and interpret the underlying meanings of music from historical perspectives.
  • Distinguish melodic and rhythmic intervals and demonstrate this through musical dictation.
  • Create, analyze, and understand the aesthetic value of musical works.
  • Demonstrate musical proficiency in his/her chosen instrument.

To learn more about the music option at QCC, visit the Liberal Arts - Music Option page.